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Our photo albums in year 2003

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🕚 31 December 2003

2003 Weekends and Others

Weekends in Dublin, ireland - Naples, Italy - Florence, Italy and a trip to Honolulu

🕚 15 June 2003

2003 05 Gaydays Orlando - Chicago and New York City

Our Second Gaydays in Orlando, Florida. High Lights are Mannequin Palace Party in Downtown Disney - Beach Ball, a party in Typhoon Laggon (Water Park in walt Disney World) and saturday gay day in Magic Kingdom (where gay and gay friendly are invited to wear red). We took advantage of this trip to stop a few days in Chicago, illinois and New York city

🕚 02 February 2003

2003-02 (1-1) Our first cruise

In 2002, during gaydays in Orlando, we heard about a gaydays cruise. It was too late to book it, but it gave us the idea to google ” gay cruise “. And we discover RSVP, a company who charter a whole ship. We hesitated, and finally decided to book to try it. But honestly, we were a little bit afraid to be stucked with 2000 other gay people for one week… We are not really party boys, and if we like gay bars, but we are usually pissed off by “attitude” we can see in Paris. So we booked a nice cabin with balcony, brought a few books, and thought: “Well if we don’t like it, we’ll spend the week on our Balcony reading books…” That’s funny how predjudice can affect your jugement! After 5 minutes on the ships, we discover Paradise on earth! Nice friendly people from all over the world who are here to make friends (just friends). No attitude at all despite the multitude of “kind” people: fat, skinny, young, old, black, or white, … Everybody is nice to each others. Good restaurants. Huges Parties (And it’s so convenient to go in your room to rest or to change in the middle of the party). And the cruise by itself : Ships are fantastic, and you can travel without having to carry your luggages and checkout from your hotel… After a few days on the ship, we already knew we would book many other gay cruises.