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All our previous photo albums:

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🕚 31 December 2001

2001 Weekends and Other

This gallery contains pics from our Weekends in Lisbon, Portugal and Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain, and from Paris Gay Pride

🕚 04 September 2001

2001 08 California

A trip in San Francisco, Las Vegas, The Hooverdam, Los Angeles, and the Yosemite (With the Giants Sequoias)

🕚 30 March 2001

2001 03 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A trip to Florida, visiting Miami, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. I was able to convert my french pilot license to an American one, and piloted for the first time in Florida.

🕚 28 February 2001

2001 02 New York, New York

Trip to New York, with my friends Paul and Jean-Jacques, and Paul's family. We went on the Top of one of the tower of World Trade Center.

🕚 15 June 2000

2000 06 Orlando, Florida

One of our trip to Orlando, Florida. We rented a big house.

🕚 15 January 2000

1999 12 Trip Around the world (NYE twice)

This was our first big trip around the world. We started in Japan, mid December, visiting Tokyo Disneyland for the first time. We flew to northern Australia, visiting Cairns and Green Island (Great Barrier Reef). We took a train from Cairns to Brisbane (Our longest train ride ever!). We drove to Sydney, and celebrate New Years Eve on December 31st 1999.On January 1st 2000, we took an early flight to Honolulu, and by crossing the date line, we went back in time, and landed in Honolulu on December 31st, 1999. We celebrate a second time NYE. The trip ended in the US (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Orlando)

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